Wine Rack Concepts Turns the "Wine into Water"

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Toledo, OH, July 10, 2017,Wine Rack Concepts is about to make a special push on the campaign "Turning Wine into Water," on account of National Water Quality Month, in August. “Turning Wine Into Water” is something that Kristine Walker, the president of Wine Rack Concepts, (under KWJ Holdings, LLC), has been an active part of, for some time.

A quick look at Wine Rack Concepts, tells you how passionate we are about, wine-storage related products. Wine Rack Concepts has a wide range of products from simple and light-weight handy wine racks, to huge,and high-end Wine Fridges and coolers that have a wide range of options, like freestanding, built-in, dual zone, single zone, etc. Artistic Wine Cabinets from brands such as Cornerhouse, Imax, FOA, are our best sellers. Another latest development is that now all the purchases made on Wine Rack Concepts, are covered by Norton Shipping Guarantee, which is our extra step towards quality service.  With Norton being our partner, the customers need not worry about identity theft or any other purchase-related inconveniences.

Apart from this, we are actively reaching people all over with different blogs: and On, which we regularly discuss the different aspects of wine like its usage, preparation, storage, etc.; on the other hand, we are also enlightening people with benefits of healthy eating and detoxification, through blog.

The prime agenda of “Turning Wine into Water” campaign is to help people have access to safe water, through small and affordable loans. Kristine says, “We are an active part of, which is an organization that has helped many families across globe. We are excited to be part of an organization that has the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty, for past 25 years. This organization was found by Mr.Matt Damon.  A share of the profits of Wine Rack Concepts also reaches Water.Org, and this is how we turn, wine into water.”

When it comes to the importance of safe water consumption, it is something that is taken for granted today, unfortunately. With a limited number of water sources, it is important for us to preserve them, in every possible way.  Globally, at least 1.8 million people are drinking water that is contaminated with the fecal matter. This contaminated water can cause, various health disorders like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, etc. Around 502,000 deaths are caused every year, due to diarrhea, which is an alarm for all of us. Of course, there are only few water-stressed countries, currently. But, by 2025, half the world's population is said to be living in water-stressed countries.  For all these reasons, it is high time we save water, without wasting it, so that, it can be used by people, who do not access to the safe water.

Poor sanitation facilities is another curse, and a few countries around the world, are victims of this. Many families have already been helped by Water.Org, with the loans that helped them have their own private taps, and toilets. There is nothing more important than one's health and safety.

As an added incentive to our future customers, we are offering a 10% site wide discount.  Just use the code: augwater10

However, if you are not in the market for a new wine rack or wine cooler, you have another option.  Anyone can donate to Water.Org; a single donation can bring smiles in more than one families, and make the Water Quality Month, more meaningful.

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