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Wood Options for Wine Cellars

Are you in the process of designing that beautiful custom wood wine cellar you've always wanted? You'll need to consider several factors, including the size of your collection, the style you prefer and your budget. The type of wood is another crucial consideration.

Exploring Your Wine Cellar Wood Choices

At Wine Rack Concepts, LLC, we can expertly craft a custom wine cellar featuring one of several high-quality woods.

Rustic Pine

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Pine offers a soft, creamy appearance characterized by subtle color streaks and structurally sound knots. The Rustic Pine grade includes knots that provide a more significant yield and a lower cost. The wood is compatible with various stains, although it's equally attractive when unstained.

Premium Redwood

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A Premium Redwood wine rack is an excellent choice if you prefer a clear, knot-free appearance with an extensive color variety that ranges from white to reddish brown. Choose a stained or unstained rack option - either will look fantastic and withstand cool or humid conditions.


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This redwood variation typically generates a distinctive cinnamon color, although it can also appear pink or reddish brown. The material will develop a visually appealing natural luster as it ages. You can also opt for a custom stain for a unique wine cellar appearance.

Knotty Alder

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Knotty alder is perfect if you want to create a wine cellar with a rustic look and feel. As the name indicates, it is characterized by numerous knots in various sizes, although some pieces can be knot-free. The color ranges from light brown to pale to reddish-brown, although the material accepts many stains.

Grand Mahogany

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A mahogany wine rack features a uniform color that can include slight medium or pale pink variations. The coarse grain pattern can be straight or slightly interlocked. Mahogany's hardness provides durability and stability for your wine cellar, and you can choose from multiple stains to achieve a custom appearance.

Is Cedar Good for Wine Cellar Installations?

Not every wood works well for wine cellar racks. For example, we don't recommend cedar because it is softer and less durable than other wood options. Additionally, the strong cedar aroma can penetrate the corks and potentially spoil the wine's taste. Other woods to avoid include poplar and fir

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Wine Rack Concepts, LLC can help you choose the most appropriate wood for your custom wine cellar. Contact us with your questions or to request additional information today.

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