Wall Mounted Metal Wine Bar Rack with Space for Glasses

  • $39 USD

  •  Save Space – this wall-mountable rack is perfect for any wine-lover who’s tight on space. The unit can be mounted above a kitchen counter, fireplace or virtually anywhere without taking up working space.
  • Minimalist Design – the frame gracefully wraps around your wine bottles and leaves the labels exposed so you can present them to your guests in all their glory.
  • Sturdy Construction – you can rest assured that your wine is safe when stored in this rack. The strong metal construction doesn’t bend or buckle under your wine bottles and you get a convenient shelf to store accessories.


Perfect for the cosy kitchen with a great taste in wine. You don’t need to take up any more usable space with this convenient wall-mounted rack which can be placed on the wall above your kitchen counter – which doesn’t just save space, it prevents your valuable wine bottles from being accidentally knocked over!


In addition to being able to hold six bottles of wine, the rack has a hanging space for eight wine glasses. By hanging them upside down you help keep them cleaner for longer and prevent dust buildup inside the glasses.

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    Turning Wine Into Water

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