WC-28S 28-Bottle 18" Stainless Steel Wine Fridge
-your Wine collection's ultimate demand
28-Bottle Wine Fridge by Whynter
  • Thermoelectric wine cooler

  • Safe, silent and long-lasting refrigeration for your collection

  • CFC free
Cool Inside & Outside
  • Sleek complete Platinum Finish Cabinet with a towel bar handle and glass door.
  • Cylindrical secured lock for your double-paned glass door.
  • Display can be altered with the removable scalloped chrome racks
Easy Temperature Control
Adjustable thermostats will help you store different wine varietals whose temperature ranges 52F to 65F.
Wine Rack
  • The sophisticated arrangement of your wine bottles, make the entire unit look iconic.
  • Soft LED lighting
  • Auto-defrost
* Capacity: 28 standard 750ml wine bottles
* 29”H x 18″ W x 20.5″D (Add 1.6″ in depth and 0.25″ in width with ● handle installed)
* Adjustable thermostat for storing different wine varietals (52F – 65F)
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Time to make your food yum, with some red wine...
Cooking with Wine, becomes a lot easy when you know a few things about wine and its properties...

WC-28S 28 Bottle 18" Stainless Steel Wine Fridge

  • $219 USD


 WC-28S 28 Bottle 18" Stainless Steel Wine Fridge